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April Fools Customs

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United States

Nowadays, on April Fool's Day, whether Americans know each other or not, Americans will make fun of them. The more common trick on April Fool's Day is to point to someone else’s shoes and say, “You don’t tie your shoelaces.” Students may deceive their classmates to say they have a school holiday. No matter what kind of tricks, as long as the innocent victim is in skill, the prankster will scream: "Fools!"


Mexico's April Fool's Day is December 28th. Previously, this day was used to commemorate the innocent children who were massacred by King Herod (about 73 BC to 4 BC). Later it evolved into a memorial day containing tricks and tricks.


April 1st in French traditions, including April Fools' Day (literally meaning "Fish of April"), tried to attach a fish victim who was not found on his back. Founded in other countries aussi cette popular, Italian etc. (such as long-term "April fish", US Eastern time used to repackage aussi to any jokes made during the day).

April Fool's Day


Inglés's mother-tongue country, a similar prank took effect on December 28, a massacre of holy days for innocent people. This practice also exists in certain regions of Belgium, including the province of Antwerp. Flemish is their parents' children for their traditions or just locked in to get their teachers if they promise to be in the evening or the second day of treatment.


In Iran, people played jokingly on the 13th day of the Norouz on April 3rd. This day is called "Sizdah bedar" (Outdoor 13). It is believed that people should go out on this day to escape the bad luck of number 13 (numbers) because of good luck, bad luck, or 13.


In Denmark, the meaning of being known as "major, Kyrgyzstan" on May 1 is simple: "May to cat" is the same April Fool's Day, although the Danes also celebrate April Fool's Day ("aprilsnar").

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