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Make big money depends on the timing

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/12 Pv:

It is too easy and difficult for the community to make money now, but it is easy to make big money. In the past eleven eleven, Ma said that people are happy to earn a million or two a month, but it is hard to earn one or two billion a month. Forgiving my poverty has limited my imagination, and perhaps this is a different feeling of making big money and making money. Achievements of double eleven achievements Ma, Zhang Yong said, "If you look at the entire market, you will find that at present all of China's retail business, only 10% of the retail business on the line." Now the line is getting worse, People love online shopping. Ma Yun said: I have seen here the "troika" of China's new economy that I proposed last year: consumption, service industry and high technology. I can not say that it will be completely replaced, at least for the original export, investment and consumption. "Troika" has great complement and advancement.

Architecture and people

In this age of the internet you want to make big money what you sell, what you can sell, how much you earn, the scarce capital you have and the more you value and the better your return. Standing to make money, sitting to make money, and lying down to make money is a very clear letter can be seen stand to earn money will be tired to see the workforce, sitting and making money is better than standing so lost, lying down to make money is the fastest. Make a lot of money to find scarce resources to start, three kinds of scarce resources: capital, information, influence. Grasp the opportunity to find business opportunities others can not find.


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