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About the Barcode seal

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/26 Pv:

Barcode seal: convenient, fast, large storage information.

Barcode seals, like the rest, are also available in containers and logistics. Barcode or barcode is the width of a plurality of black bars and white space, according to certain coding rules arranged to express a group of information graphic identifier. The barcode can contain information such as company, country, product name, date of manufacture, place of origin, etc. 

Barcode seals

1 barcode seal can store more information, so that the information is better preserved is not easy to lose. 

2 With anti-counterfeiting effect, it will have a check code, this check code is random, is based on the number of goods randomly detected check code, if you do not know the number of goods, then the check code is undetectable . 

3 barcode seal with a mobile phone scan can be out more convenient information, save time.

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