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About the meter seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/28 Pv:

This meter seal can be used for water, gas and electricity meters. 

The meter seals' body is in plastic. The closing system is one of the simplest ever produced. Tere are two holes in the seals' head; you only have to insert the wire The meter Seal is an easily applied seal for all types of meters. A clear body houses a colour insert with a one way rotating locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism is completely encased, meaning tampering is extremely difficult - any tamper attempts are clear from viewing the locking insert through the transparent body.

 meter seal for electric meter

meter seal Easy and practical to use it can be fixed even in difficult to reach places and can be read easily at a certain distance that’s to the clearly printed wording and numbering. The numbering on the seals allows management to appoint each operator with a batch of seals, to improve security and traceability.

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