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Today is Chinas Lesser Cold

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/01/05 Pv:

Lesser Cold is the twenty-third solar terms in the twenty-four solar term, is the end of the dry calendar month and the beginning of the ugly month, the time is between January 5-7 in the Gregorian calendar, the sun is located at 285 °. For China, Osamu signaled the beginning of the coldest day of the year, just before and after the "March 9th". 

As the saying goes: "Lesser Cold , cold into the ice regiment." Into the Xiaoyang solar terms, has also entered the number nine cold days, the diet should be "fill" mainly. Minyan there are "thirty-nine fill a winter, no pain in the coming year," said, explaining the importance of winter tonic. 

lesser cold

your kidney with tonic during this period not only will boost your health but also increase a person's luck.Based on TCM, during this period nourishing the kidney is most important. Food that are good for kidnet during this period are chestnut, Chinese yam, dried longan, eel, lily bud, black dates and meat ( duck, lamb, chick and pork inclusive).

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