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Plastic seal development prospects

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/11/16 Pv:

Plastic seal development prospects

The direction of the development of the seal With the rapid economic development, the amount of traffic is gradually increased, while the value of the goods is also increasing. The demand for seals in the market is also on the rise. In the past, when people first talked about seals, people first felt that they were sealed by handwritten paper. Now many transport companies and packaging companies are reused. The seals not only bring convenience to people but also allow us Staff more standardized process operations; so as to ensure the safety of property and promote social harmony. At present, the traditional lead lock (ie railway seal) has been difficult to meet the cargo transport safety regulatory needs.

plastic seal

Has many deficiencies:

(1) Shi Feng, custody, registration, etc. are hand-made, the error rate is high.

(2) inspection only by the freight or cargo inspection staff by car, one by one on-site inspection, operating efficiency is low.

(3) The description of the logo is only limited, Shi sealing station (or line) and the title, can not provide such as Shi lock number, company special identification and other information.

(4) Once broken, there will be traces, which will be helpful for the analysis of cargo accidents and the detection of public security.

(5) only manual inspection, unable to achieve the inspection automation, modernization, management tools behind.

(6) The owner or the superior management department can not make the sealing status of the key goods and key vehicles, and can not grasp the status of the goods in real time, and can not provide timely logistics information to the customers.

Now mainly used is the plastic seals, wire seals, security seals, etc., which not only can do a good job of identification phase and lock the effect is good.


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