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High security wire seal Applications and Instructions

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/01/15 Pv:

High security wire seal made of steel cable in varying diameters, with a metal locking chamber built into an ABS plastic housing. Standard length is 300mm, diameter is 2,5mm. Company name and consecutive numbers are laser engraved. Especially designed for sealing of containers, lorries, tankers, drums and valves. 

Main Applications: All kinds of ISO Containers, container trucks, doors,trucks, post packages and Tanker trucks, rail cars, etc. 

Name: Aluminum cable seals,Security seals,Container seal ,Wire seal, Bank seal 

cable seal

Material: aluminum lock body,Zinc alloy locking mechanism,Cable wire diameter 2.0mm, 

length available Strength: >4.0KN 

Colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black 

Pull tight locking mechanism, easy to place Use a cable cutter to remove 

Printing: The company’s logo and name, serial number and laser barcode 

wire seal


1, cut for their own seal line. 

2, the seal generally has three holes, one end one, one end of the two, will cut a good seal line from one of the two holes in one of the holes into the rotation, one to two laps. The other end of the lead wire is then passed through the remaining two holes of the object to be applied, and then through the two opposing holes in the seal, and then rotate the blade at the top of the seal clockwise. 

3, rotate to the extent that you can lock, stop spinning, and then break the top of the leaves. This is the detailed use of wire seals.

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