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Why you choose plastic luggage seal

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All luggage is vulnerable to tampering. 

There are special luggage locks that are used when you take your luggage on long trips. Your bag likely features zips or locks. Zips with moving zip sliders can be easily breached and resealed with something as simple as a pen. Most locks, including approved locks, can be opened with a simple paper clip. Without tamper evident seals, you cannot tell whether your bag has been affected. These locks are so strong that someone cannot break into your luggage without being noticed. There would be too much commotion when your luggage is broken into, and you will be able to make it obvious when someone is breaking in. 

luggage seal

plastic luggage container seals the container is a lock, but can only be used once, after opening the bad, and can not be reused. On top of the title, is unique, if customers get numbers on container seals consistent with the bill of lading, on behalf of the container is not opened, the cargo intact. It is not the marks, marks the goods packaging printing marks, not the same thing. You can use the tips shown here to make sure that you are securing your luggage the right way, but you have to make sure that you are using the tips in the most responsible way possible. Locking up your luggage and caring for it is much easier, and you need to make sure that the tips are used all together. The steps are easy to follow, but you have to make sure that you are doing the best you can with each step to keep the luggage from being broken, stolen or broken in to in any way. 

plastic seal

Pick Proof Seals have a Unique ID and cannot be reattached once broken. Thieves know this and quickly move on to an easier target. These seals also prevent someone from sticking something in your bag without your drug smuggling rings. We sometimes get the question: What if TSA searches my bag and breaks the seal? First of all, international travelers tell us that since they started using our Pick Proof Seals their bags have never been opened. 99% of the time, your bag is not searched which means it goes on its way through the baggage handlers, where most of the theft takes place, with a Pick Proof Seal that sends thieves on to an easier target. However, there remains a very small chance (1%) that your bag could be opened, if it is you can place another seal inside it to be used to reseal it, or worst case, it simply goes on its way without a lock which is not much different then a lock that can be picked.  

Safe Travels everyone!

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