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How to distinguish the quality of plastic seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/11/20 Pv:

Plastic seals can greatly enhance our sales, then how to distinguish the quality of the product?

   How to distinguish the quality of plastic seals

plastic seals

   1. Observe the appearance: Common plastic seals are colored, electroplating and spraying three, the purpose is to add a layer of protective film outside the seal in order to achieve corrosion


Rust, good quality plastic seal appearance will be more beautiful, pleasing;


   2. By hand to measure: good quality materials will not cut corners, contrary to poor quality materials inside the most likely hollow or replace other materials and weight problems;


   3. With the ears to listen: poor quality plastic seal sound will be more boring, uncomfortable, you can listen to the sound many times. This method is still very good, to avoid being cheated by businesses.


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