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Factors influencing the price of security seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/02/23 Pv:

1.Materials quality. Many different types of security seals have been made along with the variety of using environment. But almost every security seal will use wire and ABS. And the prices of these two kinds of materials vary much in market, which directly influences the price of security seals.

2.Order quantity. Seals are usually customized according to customers’ request. And the most obvious factor of influencing price is order quantity. Same as the majority of small goods, the larger order quantity, the lower price will be.

3.Customized way. Different from many small goods, it is difficult to make stock of seals because all seals are made as customers’ request. The customized way can be divided to laser printing, pressing, hot stamping, label and so on. Different customized ways make different prices.

4.Research technology. The reason that security seals have good anti-proof function is the seals produced by every security seal manufacturer have many differences although some appearance similar. These differences are the key point of technology, which is also the key factor of different prices.

 security seals

How to choose appropriate security seals manufacturer

Production scale, products quality and after-sale service should be considered together when choosing factory. And it doesn’t mean that large factories are always good. Either big or small, advantages there will be and the most important is to meet each customer’s standard. Shandong Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. professionally produces one-time use security seals, cable seals, plastic seals, meter box seals, metal watch strap seals, padlocks, bolt seals and vessel seals. Seals produced by Shandong Ruier Seal Company have the following characteristics: good quality, temperature resistance, easy-locking, anti-corrosion, clear printing, easy in use, low price, etc. Seals can be applied to many industries, including meter, meter box, gas meter, gasoline transportation, chemistry, customs, railway, container, shipping, airline, logistics, etc. For many years, we have won great credit from vast users.

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