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Five different points of anti-theft seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/02/27 Pv:

1.Dividing by different implementing persons, security seals can be divided to customs security seal, commercial inspection security seal, and commercial security seal. Once correctly locked, it can not open unless by cutting in violence. And the broken seal is unable to use again. Each seal has unique serial number. 

2.As long as the external part of container is complete, container door locked correctly, seals are normally locked, it proves this container is not open in private and the inside is supervised by loading person at loading.

 anti-theft seals

3.Anti-theft security seal is an accessory made of plastic, which is used to fasten electric wire and other lines. It is composed by two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth, with elastic plastic button shaped like hook, and the other end is plastic seal with sawtooth, which can bend and come through the plastic mouth to form loop, to lock cable similar like belt on pants 

4.Anti-theft security seal is applicable for oil tank cabinet and so on. Because the sawtooth of seal can fit tightly with elastic plastic button, the plastic seal can fasten tightly. 

5.Security seal is an equipment similar as lock implemented by specialized person after goods put into container and correctly close container door.

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