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Application of seals at water and electricity supply companies

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/06 Pv:

Seals currently are also widely used at water and electricity meters. And normally divided by common seals and intelligent seals. Electricity department also needs to take corresponding measures to increase impact strength if aiming to prevent electricity stolen. And at the same time, using correct seals is also important. Electricity department calculates error by extra adding two percent which is also indicator for performance check. This indicator can be used to check the line loss of each electricity supply operation unit. Complete prize and punishment system is also needed to strengthen the check strength. According to classic cases, besides punishment according to rules, it also needs to contact with news units to expose and if the amount of electricity stolen is very large, it also needs to deliver to judicial department to make punishment. 

At least it also needs a set of seals system which can automatically generate electronic records which can save the invisible serial number by micro-computer. If seals broken, related equipment can not recognize, which can decrease electricity stolen. Therefore, seals play an important role of preventing stolen of electricity.

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