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Reasons of security seal industry competition

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/21 Pv:

Various factors lead to severe competition of seal industry

Current logistics seal market customers sale of break-even and increase quarantine so as to get back capital and reduce stock pressure. Currently seals market show in the follows: there is large deal number of seals, and all kinds of transportation seals at domestic market; seals and container seals are popular with large quantity. Export, foreign customer inquiry, return goods, and look on atmosphere with steady sales.

In most people eyes, seal value is very small. The price of common family seals can be low as several dollars or expensive as dozens of dollars. However, since ancient times, every family needs seal. When people still have lock impression, the domestic lock technology of “iron general” grows quickly and China has become global largest seal manufacturing and consuming country. The annual sales volume of domestic seal industry surpasses RMB400billion and annual production capacity surpasses 2 billion sets and export volume surpasses one billion Yuan. Future market will continue locking annual high rapid increase of over 20%. Along with global economic integration, China seal industry has already started international and brand industry.

cable seal for container

Recently, along with fluctuation of price of raw materials like copper, zinc, etc. factories implement capital guarantee sales so as to return capital, reduce stock pressure. Most seal products increase sales volumes. Furthermore, the issue of enlarging domestic requirement measures relieves pressure of financial crisis. Rapid increase of domestic sales is strong complementary of export decrease. Traditional seal types sell steadily with bright future. This year is about to come that people have increase demand of traditional locks, like ball seal, handle seal, and mortise and tenor lock. Recently the potential of steady market sales lies mostly at domestic market. Most factories also produce large quantity of plastic seals according to different logistics demand. It is applied to container cabinet, logistics company, credit cabinet, banks, electricity, supermarket, shipping, electricity box, post office, customs, railway, transportation, water and electricity supply, ministry, chemistry, oil transportation, bus, shipping company, mineral, coal transportation, foreign trade commercial inspection, product inspection, transportation equipment, industries preventing sealing or leaking, sales to domestic and foreign areas, win appraise of vast customers.

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