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What are the folklore of the spring equinox?

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Every year on the vernal equinox day, there are tens of millions of people around the world doing "pile" tests. It is difficult to verify why the play of "Chinese Customs" has become a "world game." However, the gameplay is simple and interesting: choose a smooth, fresh egg that has just given birth for four or five days and put it upside down on the table. Although there are many losers, there are also many successful ones. Spring is divided into the best time to play the game of eggs, so there is the saying "spring equinox, eggs pretty". The erected egg is not beautiful. 

the spring equinox 

 Eat spring vegetables 

For the past four days, the surnamed Xie of Kaiping Cang Town had a custom of being unsuccessful. It was called “Spring Equinox eats spring vegetables”. "Spring vegetables" is a kind of wild leeks, which the locals call "Spring Artemisia." On the vernal equinox day, the whole village went to pick spring vegetables. When searching in the fields, it is more often seen in green, thin trees, about the length of a slap. The collected spring vegetables are generally made with home-made fish fillets and are called "spring soup." There are snares: "Spring soup gargle, wash the liver and intestines. Every family, young and old, safe and healthy." One year since the spring, people pray for peace or family home, physically strong.

 fly a kite 

The spring equinox is a good time for children to fly kites. Especially the spring equinox day. Even adults are involved. Kite categories include the king character kite, the kite kite, the kite kite kite, the Leigong bug kite, and the moonlight kite kite. The big ones are two meters tall, and the small ones have two or three feet. In the market, there are many kite-selling kits, which are relatively small and suitable for children to play. Most of them are self-pasteable and larger. When they are released, they have to compete with each other to see which ones are high.

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