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Important role of security seal to logistics industry

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/23 Pv:

Along with development of seals and people know it better, seals also develop from only used at electricity meter and water meters to currently applied to logistics and transportation industry. Currently, it can also be applied to petroleum industry.

Seal is mainly used at oil tank trucks at logistics industry. At use, please pay attention to quality; regulate oil tank trucks seals; tanker seals; strengthen inspection, revise seal management method.

 security seal

1.Quality control, i.e. inspect seals company and find out wrong number and completeness of seals.

2.Logistics inspection, find out irregulate of seals and bugs.

3.Regulate tanker seals. If need to exchange mainboard and encoder, fill in formal letters and approve and when company approves, the regional manager and security department person shall be at site to supervise sealing.

4.Security department needs to take picture for change. And write a complete seal standing book for last time revising seal, check record and at the same time improve seals management.

Good management of seal can play a good protective role of out leakage of oil and safety of oil tank trucks.

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