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Advantages and effect of plastic seal

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/26 Pv:

Advantages of plastic seal:

1.It adopts PP material to produce with anti-acid, anti-corrosion, insulation, not easy of aging, strong bearing etc.

2.Pull-tight structure, easy in installation.

3.Plier is used to cut off after locking. It is one time use seal, and once locked, can not open. It has good safety to prevent leakage and stolen.

4. is stainless steel metal flake inside which makes it strong. Easy locking and easy dismantling.

5.It is one time use seal, and once locked, can not open. It has good safety. It has wide application and it is safe and reliable.

plastic seal

Function of plastic seal:

1.It has A3 stainless steel material inside with strong strength, good anti-temperature and anti-corrosion. After locking, the function of strap and flake makes its strengthen double than one-time module seals, which makes goods safe and prevent exchange.

2.Plastic seal adopts thick PE transparent bag to pack with serial number label stamped outside, which makes customers easy and directly to use products.

3.It is reliable in quality, environmental protection without releasing poisonous gas and if contact by hands, it will not get allergy.

4.It has wide applications, such as electricity box, post bag, instrument, gas, water supply, chemistry, commercial inspection, transportation product processing, inspection, energy metering, industries which need to prevent leakage, etc.

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