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ISO17712 Mechanical Blockade Standard

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/28 Pv:

ISO17712 mechanical blockade standard is developed by ISO TC104, which standardizes and defines the type and test method of mechanical seals. At present, all container shipments all over the world are fitted with seals, which must be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO17712 standards, to strengthen the control of the procedures, and ensure the safety of the seal operation process.

In the ISO17712 standard, the seals are classified as three levels according to its security level: safety seals, high security seals and symbolic seals, which are most easily lifted. According to the form and material of the seals, the ISO17712 standard defines the specifications for 10 types of seals, including Wire Seal、Padlock Seal、Strap Seal、Cable Seal、Bolt Seal、Cinch or Pull-up Seal、Twist Seal、Scored Seal、Label Seal, and Barrier Seal.

In the meantime, ISO17712 defines six major steps for seal manufacturers: design procedures, manufacturing, distribution, user knowledge and specifications, in-transit management, and after-sale management. When manufacturing seals, Manufacturers can proceed in accordance with the six steps in order to promote the safety and quality of seal manufacturing, and to help educate its distributors about the importance of seals, mutual benefits and promote efficient seal safety plan.

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