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Whats about the seals

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Plastic band seals are fixed length seals, which create a 3 inch loop (7 inch circumference). They are affordably priced and intended for low and medium security applications. All plastic band seals feature a unique, pre-assigned consecutive serial number. We offer stock and custom versions. 

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Typically, these seals are used for truck trailers, railcars and shipping containers. These security seals can also be used for many other applications to secure any container with a hasp. They are easy to use -- just push the plastic pin into the locking mechanism. When the lock is engaged, you will hear a slight 'click'. Tug on the seal to assure the lock is engaged. And they are easy to remove. The low break strength allows the seal to be broken manually. Since cutting tools are not required, you get added convenience and added safety. Cargo security seals are used to secure a variety of containers. Typical applications include truck doors, trailer doors, railcar doors, cargo containers, totes, valves, coin bags, inner drum bags, storage bags, and any container with a hasp or loops. Protect Your Trucks, Trailers, & Cargo Containers Indicates Tampering or Entry All of our mechanical security seals include pre-assigned unique serial numbers. Some seals include matching bar codes.

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Personalize Your Plastic Seals: With company name (up to 17 characters including prefix) With serial numbers (up to 7 digits, consecutive numbering, no dashes or spaces) Personalized seals available in red, blue, green, orange, white, black and yellow Allow 5-6 weeks for your personalized order to be delivered Can be used for trailer doors, rail cars, bulk tankers and more

Qingxu Road, Xuyuanzi
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