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high security truck seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/06 Pv:
High Security Seals manufactured by bochuang seal  are C-TPAT and ISO 17712:2010 compliant. Our ISO 17712  High Security Seals are C-TPAT compliant and consists of high security bolt and cable seals. These high security seals secure cross border shipments, high value shipments, trailer & container door latches.
Bolt seals are primarily used to secure shipping containers. A security seal is used for securing containers and must be in compliance with the ISO PAS 17712 for high security seal in order to be accepted by customs all around the world in ocean shipping. The US Customs and Port Authority pay very close attention and adhere strictly to these standards.
container seals application
Barrier  seal designed for securing high-value cargo. Solid steel bolt provides strength while a molded plastic coating provides tamper evidence. C-TPAT compliant and meets standard for high security seal outlined in ISO 17712:2010. Large flag on both the bolt and body allows laser information to be easily read. Both parts numbered to prevent fraud by replacement of either body or bolt. Suitable for trailer door latches and container door latches. 1.25” with 18 mm diameter steel. 
Lock your high value cargo up tight.
The seals use,   no-tool application - just click two pieces together to self-lock. Typically, the shaft is inserted through the hasp of the locking mechanism affixed to door or access point. The 2nd piece of the bolt lock, the locking cap, is then hand-applied, positively clicking in place to lock the bolt. This rugged, high-security seal must be removed with a bolt cutter by cutting the shaft.
Absolute protection from tampering and theft.
Sequentially numbered on both bolt and body.
if you are shipping within the country and/or only require evidence of tampering then we can offer conainer seals  for containers, truck trailers, and rail cars

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