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Face brush payments are coming, are you still using cash?

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/08 Pv:

As China continues to innovate step by step in its development, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, the development of computer-based mobile terminals has given up the payment of cash. You have to ensure that there are enough money in the payment method, in addition to cashless payment outside of this, and now we have a way to brush your face.

Brush face to pay

The pay-as-you-go revolution of this era is always too fast to catch the eye: while you're still amazed at how quickly your phone is paid, others pay for it off the phone and "eat with your face." Stand before the caterer, face to camera, face recognition, instant payment can be successful - this is not a science fiction movie in the bridge, but in the KFC restaurant scene. Nowadays, the scene of brush face payment moved from Hannover, Germany, to KFC Restaurant in Hangzhou, and entered the daily consumption of ordinary people. 

Alibaba Ma demo brush face payment

Now the banking system also opened the brush face, but not brush face to brush face to do card, brush your face to be able to statistics down your information, and now the development of information is really amazing amazing. Human progress and IQ are infinite, and we must keep innovating and innovating with the times

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