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Are you ready for the 5G era?

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The number of Internet users in the world is constantly increasing. Nowadays it is an information-based society. The explosion of information spreads through the Internet. It is obvious that the speed of network transmission is amazing. At the same time, the data also shows that the scale of Chinese Internet users ranks first in the world. By June 2017, the total number of Internet users in the world reached 3.89 billion. Among them, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 751 million, ranking the first in the world. 

5G era

To some extent, the quality and speed of the network determine the quality and speed of the digital economy. Just as it is necessary to get rich first, it is important to speed up the development of the economy in order to promote economic development. The dissemination of information depends on the network. Therefore, the speed and quality of the network are very important. China, where 3G runs and 4G runs, is striving to lead the coming 5G era. 

huawei 5G

At the same time of information technology, people are no longer satisfied with the 4G network speed, began to appear on the 5G network Imagination, 18G 5G is coming, after four generations of mobile communications revolution, the world will usher in the commercial 5G. Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, said that in the information age of 5G, smart technologies and sensors will be equipped to support the exchange of information among people, people and things, things and things, and the environment, which will bring more User-side innovative applications. In his view, the 5G's Big Connect plus artificial intelligence will lead the future of information dissemination, bringing new forms of communication, ways of interaction, sources of information and information processing. Huawei plans to launch a full-scale 5G network equipment solution for large-scale commercial applications in 2018, enabling operators to deploy 5G networks worldwide.

Information Network

"With the advent of 5G, the way of technology dissemination is faster, more personalized and the experience is better. We can make use of advanced technology to better disseminate information, fulfill our social responsibility, develop economy better, and make information Communication and exchange.

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