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Household meters

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2017/12/11 Pv:

Meter is used to measure household electrical energy meter, also known as meter, fire meter, watt-hour meter, kilowatt hour meter, refers to the measurement of electrical quantities of the instrument. 

meter seals for Meter

Now the meter has appeared smart meter, the main types of smart meter IC card meter, the user holding the IC card to the power sector to pay for electricity, the power supply department with the power management machine will write the purchase of electricity into the IC card, the user IC card holder in the induction area brush non-contact IC card (referred to as credit card, the same below), you can close the power supply, the card will be taken away after the power supply. When the residual power in the table is equal to the alarm power, the power-off alarm (or buzzer alarm) is pulled out and the user can resume power supply by swiping the card in the sensing area. When the remaining power is zero, the power is automatically de-energized and the user must Re-card payment to buy electricity before they can restore electricity.

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