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Amazon AWS GreenGrass

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At the just-held 4th World Internet Conference, "World's Leading Internet Technology Outspread,", vice president of public policy at AWS, said: Amazon AWS introduces "AWS Greengrass" capabilities for real-time connectivity and real-time response . AWS Greengrass is software that extends the capabilities of the AWS cloud to local devices, enabling devices to get closer to sources of information to collect and analyze data while enabling devices to securely communicate with each other on the local network.

Michael Punk, Amazon's global vice president of public policy at Amazon

 AWS currently offers its customers nearly 100 cloud services in areas such as computing, storage, database, analytics, networking, mobility, developer tools, management tools, Internet of Things, security, enterprise applications and more. The company has also been focusing on the development of serverless computing (via Lambda) and machine learning tools in recent years. Launched in 2014, Lambda aims to automate processes for back-end developers to run code on AWS without having to manage the server. The service popularized a new development method called serverless. 

Amazon AWS GreenGrass

This technology has the potential to filter data locally and then spread to the cloud, reducing the amount of raw data that is transmitted to the cloud, reducing costs, and improving the quality of data sent to the cloud. Real-time connectivity with customers and real-time response In order to better meet customer needs, and use Amazon's customers bring a different experience.

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