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plastic padlock seal

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plastic padlock seal, which can be supplied as a single seal or in strips of 5 or 10. This seal can be removed by hand without a cutting tool. 

plastic body and a metal hasp, which is a heavier duty product which requires a cutting tool to remove. 

plastic padlock seal high-quality, cost-effective plastic padlock security seal with galvanised wire hasp. is suitable as a key tracker tag for use with key control access cabinets, which enable the tracking and controlled access to keys in many industries, including car dealerships. They are also suitable across industry, to securely seal small enclosures crates, hatches, tote boxes etc. 

padlock seals

We Supply Plaza offers durable, high strength plastic and wire padlock seals for light duty applications. These plastic security seals feature sequential numbering for a tamper evident safety solution. 

Our numbered plastic padlock seals are rated for 100 lbs. break strength and are easy to use. When sealed, they measure just 2.5” in length, making them ideal for use in tight spaces. These plastic padlock wire seals are commonly used to seal meters, bags, and more. 

We offer plastic padlock security seals in colors, making it easy to color code your seals for fast identification. Colors include black, blue, gray, green, orange, red, and yellow.

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