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Barrier seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/01/10 Pv:

Barrier Container Seal especially suitable for sealing containers. Due to the ISO 17712: 2013 certification of this container seal (also called Bolt Seal) these can be used for securing and sealing containers worldwide. The certificate of the seal can of course be viewed on request. The steel pin of this container seal has a diameter of 8 mm and thus has a very high breaking strength. Both steel parts of this container seal are provided with high quality ABS plastic that provides extra breaking strength and ease of use. The Barrier Container Seal can only be broken with a solid concrete shear. Both parts of this container seal are provided with a unique and ascending numbering. With these properties it is virtually impossible to commit fraud with this seal. This makes the Barrier Container Seal a high-quality and solid container seal. Barrier seals are used to prevent break-ins, protect cargo and improve supply chain integrity.

barrier container seal 

Key benefits of using barrier seals 

1 Easily mounts to containers in seconds without the need for tools 

2 Dual functionality (seals and locks containers) 

3 Requires two cuts, and power tools for removal 

4 Designed to fit most swing door conveyances 

5 Identical numerical sequence appears on all three components for added security. 

6 barrier seals range is compliant with C-TPAT/ISO and A.E.O 

Our strong, durable Bolt Seal is made from polypropylene-coated carbon steel to provide a unique combination of high visibility, security and protection from tampering. Ideal for securing shipping containers for sea, rail or road

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