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high security bolt seal

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/01/11 Pv:

Economic high security bolt seal in ABS helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Multiple color options & personalization available. 8mm pin size, 72mm length Both parts of the seal are inserted into each other and lock. After locking, the seal parts must remain rotatable. These container seals can only be opened with a bolt cutter. 

container bolt seal

Customized bolt seals provide added security. The stock bolt seals (red, blue, yellow) can be customized by imprinting the bolt only. Or we have yellow bolt seals which can be customized on the bolt and lock. 

For added security, if the container/trailer has two hinged doors (each with a keeper bar and hasp), secure both doors with a bolt seal on each door.

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+86 139 5343 3908
+86 139 5343 3908
Qingxu Road, Xuyuanzi
Industrial Park, Dezhou 253700, Shandong, China.


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