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Why we have to choose Security seals

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Security seals are in use in almost every industry where valuables have to be protected against contamination and theft, whether accidental or deliberate. With such high demand comes an ever increasing supply of security seals from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, quality at the manufacturing and customer service level may vary greatly from one supplier to the next, which makes choosing the best supplier for your security seals somewhat of a challenge. 

Security Seal includes seal body and a seal line, its characteristics is that goods of the seals of the body contains the socket and the card buckle cover; commodity deck and cover are buckled together on the surface of some convergence, the clamping seat, and thereby can surond cohesion flip buckled. Beneficial effect is: card and card cover intergration design, put an end to the deck and cover due to storage disorders cause two can not match or during a throw away, and make the seal all lost use value representation, useful to reduce the use of cost. 

plastic seal for container

Sealing device comprises a lead sealing cover some fixed, and package cover fixed some covergence of lead sealing cover some, support the features of goods is the lead sealing cover fixed some by three equidistant set a fixed bayonet fixed commodity lead sealing cover fixed on some seals holes are arranged, commodity lead sealing cover some and lead sealed hole corresponding to the position is provided with holes. Fixed bayonet and demand lead sealing device convergence, flip lead sealing cover some, and lead sealing cover fixed some close, lead sealing cover some of the bayonet holesa and lead sealing cover fixed some cohesion, constitute a fixed start, lead sealing hole happened through the holes in the lead sealing cover, with wire through the lead sealing hole and lead grain along with a seal. This product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, good security. 

plastic seal

Security Seals can only be removed when the tag seal is broken, making it tamper-evident. Keep the integrity of your Security Seals by inspecting the sequential numbering of the lock and documenting it. Use Security Tag Seals to prevent access with a strong, 110 lb breaking strength. Plastic Loop Seals are brightly colored loop around locks that have an 80 lb breaking strength. Security Seals are available in various colors, styles, and sizes. Customized Security Seals are available for your convenience.

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