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January 20th is Great Cold

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/01/19 Pv:

“Minor Cold” is the 23rd solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Big chill is the last solar term in the 24 solar terms throughout the year. Gregorian calendar every January 20 before and afterFor most areas of China, it marks the start of the coldest days of the year. 

Great Cold

January 20, usher in the chilly season, which is the last solar term solar terms, after a big cold, we will usher in a new year of solar terms cycle. During Major Cold, People in Beijing have a habit of eating "dispelling cold cake", a kind of rice cake. Sticky rice, the cake’s main ingredient, contains more sugar than rice, which can make people feel warm all over their bodies. In Chinese the word "rice cake" has the same pronunciation with the word "higher in a new year", which symbolizes good luck and continual promotion. 

"After a big cold, another year." Big cold is the last year of solar terms, and catch up with the approaching year, rich "flavor" began to diffuse, people began to get busy.

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