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Today is the Laba Festival.

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In China, December of the lunar calendar is called the La month, so the date of December 8th is also the Laba Festival. It is a traditional festival of China that is regarded as the preface of the Spring Festival.Today is the Laba Festival. 

In Chinese, Laba means 'gold eighth' which refers to the traditional start of celebrations for the Chinese New Year - the eighth day of the last lunar month.On the day, it is the custom to eat Laba Porridge, worship the god and ancestors and prayer for good harvest and luck. 

Laba Festival


1. One said that the Laba Festival was originated from the ceremonies of sacrificing to the ancestors and celebrating the harvest. In the old times, the activity of sacrificing to the ancestors is called 'La' and usually happened on the twelfth month (La month). It was until the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 - 589 AD) that the activities had a fixed day - the eighth day. 

2.They other said it was related with Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. Legend said that it was on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month that Sakyamuni attained enlightenment and became a Buddha. To commemorate this, on that day people eat porridge to make offerings to the Buddha every year, and the porridge was called 'Laba porridge'. 

 Laba garlic

Making Laba garlic: Making Laba garlic on the Laba Festival is a custom in northern China. It is very easy to make. The ingredients are garlic and vinegar. After peeling the garlic and putting it in a jar and filling it with vinegar (sugar can also be added), the rest time is to wait. Almost twenty days later, the garlic will become green. People usually eat it together with the dumplings on the Spring Festival Eve. 

In a certain degree, the Laba Festival is the prelude of the important Spring Festival. For most families, people would like to do shopping for food, snacks, clothes and presents to prepare for the coming Spring Festival. And it is absolutely necessary for Chinese people.

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