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About the Plastic Security Seal

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Plastic seals are the most commonly used tamper-evident devices across a broad spectrum of markets and applications, including such everyday uses as securing truck trailers, tankers, containers, totes, cash & jewelry bags, utility meters, and fire extinguishers. 

Security seals serve two primary and somewhat related purposes.  They are a trusted and cost-effective solution to deter tampering and theft, and they help provide a sense of security and safety.  The various different seal types are each designed to serve a distinct purpose, and selecting the right seal for your application means understanding each style’s distinguishing factors.  

plastic seal for box

Pull Tight Plastic Security Seals: Pull Tight Plastic Seal Applications Freight containers, vehicle doors, enclosures of many kinds, storage bins, ID tags, sprinkler systems, tractors & trailers, retail. Adjustable-Length Plastic Seal 

Fixed-Length Plastic Security Seals: Fixed length security seals are also commonly called truck seals due to the extensive truck sealing applications. However truck sealing is just one application that fixed length security seals are commonly use for. supply an extensive assortment of fixed length security seals. This includes plastic and metal security seals. The applications for these seals include sealing cargo doors (roll-up or swing-out), curtain buckles, tote boxes, tagging fish/wildlife for Identification and much more. 

 plastic seal for container

Padlock Plastic Security Seals: A plastic padlock security seal is a specific type of fixed-length seal which is commonly used to secure meters, cabinets, catering carts, and drums. These uniquely shaped fixed-length seals feature a larger print area for displaying additional information, and an exacting fit for certain applications. Padlock seals have become the seal of choice for discriminating users in many security-conscious industries, such as airlines, food service, medical, and pharmaceutical.

All Security Seals must be applied correctly and all pull-tight type Security Seals, cable or plastic must be pulled up as tight as possible on application. Verify the seal details & record correctly into the Security Seal control system.

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