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Security seals

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Sealing with sealing pliers and sealing press is only one way to secure your products. Beside this classical method, we offer also a large range of special security seals for various purposes. This range includes various innovative sealing products especially for the freight and cargo industry, forwarding agencies and transport. These security seals are easy to close without any tools making the usage even more simple. For traceability and security reasons, each seal has a consecutive number printed on it. With this number you can add additional information about the container, truck or shipment in your PC system reaching a higher level of security and information. 

plastic seals

Security seals can be used in different areas of the industry. However, security seals are heavily used in the freight and cargo industry from forwarding agencies and transporters. Beside the protection, security seals can also be used for further information. Every seal has a consecutive number printed on it, giving the operator the opportunity to identify or trace a single truck, bag, container or shipment. This number can easily be added to the PC database, increasing tracability and security. 

high security seal If someone is able to cut the it will spray open and it will not be possible to re-insert the in the lock. Can be applied to valves, gates, meters, containers, trolleys, tankers, drums, keys, vehicles, cages, and can be used for product tagging. 

 cable seal for cargo

It is a critical design of the seal that if enough force is applied the will break before the lock breaks. As an aside if the locks were to break it appear that has been tampered with. 

Ensuring that goods remain untampered with while in storage or transportation is essential for good security management. However, it is necessary not only to ensure that the goods have not been interfered with but also to prove it. Security Seals are an effective way of demonstrating that items such as cash bags, drums and bins have not been opened or contaminated.

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