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What’s the RFID cable seal

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RFID cable seal tag is a kind of special anti-counterfeiting RFID tag of self-locking structure, which is specially designed for various kinds of anti-counterfeiting applications. This kind of rfid seal tag is disposable, can be self-locked, with tamper function and reliable structure. This product has been widely used in electric meter seals, container seals, cash box seals, oil tankers seals, etc. The plastic enclosure of the seal, in robust ABS material, embeds an electronic chiptag with unique code that not only enables the automatic identification of any container or transport vehicle, which the seal is attached onto, but enables also immediate, easy and reliable readings of the integrity status of the seal, by giving information about any tamper evidence. 

RFID cable seal

Cable seal RFID anti tamper: Is a High Security Seal;Univocally identifies the container or the vehicle to which it is attached;Can be easily and reliably read by fixed reading units placed at transit gates or by handheld reading units manually operated by inspectors and gives back it unique code as a basic RFID seal;When compared to standard RFID seals, tamper evident RFID seals are able to permanently store into their memory the tamper event by activating a status bit named TAG TAMPER ALARM, thus providing immediate information about seal status at readings (tampered/not tampered);Can store additional information but the ID code, also in password-protected mode, by using same devices that are used for the reading operation;when interrogated by an RFID static gateway reader or handheld devices. It combines mecanical security of standart seals with the eletronic security offered by RFID. E-seal has univocal ID code and read / write user memory capabilities. Provides automatic identification of trucks, trailers, containers. 

RFID cable seal can also be used for keyholder 

RFID cable keyholder is a sturdy cable-style locking keyholder featuring high security thanks to the use of RFID technology. The robust carbonitrured steel cable with of diameter and standard lenght of 330 mm has one floating end while the other end is captive. 

RFID wire seal

The keyholder body is in solid shock-resistant polystyrene and is coloured in various colours to enable a way to code groups of keys to specific functions. Plastics used for the body is compliant with European Directive 2002/EC – Restriction of Hazardous Substances , and can be customised on request with laser engraving of numbers, codes and customer logo. The use of RFID technology enables automatic and univocal identification of every keyholder, even when many of them are gathered together in a security bag or security box. Any attempt to open or cut and reconnect the cable is permanently registered by the RFID chiptag and evidence of the tamper is given when the keyholder is read again. 

Main Applications 

- Asset management, Container doors, bulk tankers, trailer doors, valves, etc Customization Options 

-Operating frequency 

- Customer’s name, sequential number (laser) 

- Barcode 

- Variety of colors (yellow, white, orange, green…) 

- Variety of cable lengths

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