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Lantern Festivals cultural value

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Chinese traditional festivals have adapted the general needs of the masses in Chinese society in material, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic aspects. At the material life level, China's traditional festivals have many unique food items of different festivals. Lantern Festival, the whole family to eat dumplings, "dumpling" and "reunion" similar pronunciation, a symbol of roundness, live in harmony. The cultural value of the Lantern Festival is that it is a carnival for all people.

Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival everyone involved, enjoying it. As the ancient Lantern Festival ban, flow of people such as weaving, men and women meet, prone to love. Thousands of years, in the Lantern Festival staged pleasing love story, endless. The main activity of the Lantern Festival is public entertainment, but its social and cultural significance is more than just entertainment. On the fifteenth day of the lunar January, there are many faithful activities that pray for the blessing of the gods. The Lantern Festival is also a good day for children. In the Song Dynasty, Chen Yuanliang's "Guangxu Changji" volume Twelve "steal the lamp" explained when the reason for stealing lights in the Lantern Festival said: "One cloud, steal the lamp, That is male. As a result, stealing the lamp symbolizes the birth of a son, stealing the lamp is to ask for children to extend. According to the same token, the concept of lamp also has the meaning of praying. As a result, the ancient women go out for this reason with the lamp, it is perfectly justifiable.

Holiday culture is no national boundaries, so the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is no exception. Hundreds of millions of people's enthusiasm, imaginative, publicity, with Brazil, Germany and other countries carnival shoulder to shoulder.

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