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Keep healthy in the Waking of Insects

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Liver protection virus

The Waking of Insects, the maintenance of liver is very important. Chinese medicine believes that the spring is a liver, liver and vegetation similar to the vegetation in the spring germination, growth, liver and gallbladder meridians are also most active in the spring. If you do not raise liver in the spring, liver function may be abnormal, leading to the body qi and blood disorders, and thus affect other organs.

Therefore, the Waking of Insects should pay special attention to the conservation of the liver. In daily life, a reasonable rest can achieve the effect of liver. For example, sit back and rest after eating 10 to 30 minutes, then do other things. Chinese medicine practitioners explained that this is due to blood in the body after a meal are concentrated in the digestive tract, involved in food digestion, if walking, exercise, the blood flow into the liver will be inadequate, affecting their metabolic activity.  ecovery of all things, spring in spring, but also a variety of viruses and bacteria active season. Infectious diseases such as influenza, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis and epidemic hemorrhagic fever are prone to pandemic outbreaks and need to be vigilant. If citizens find unexplained fever, cough, rash, etc., they should go to the hospital in time.  

The Waking of Insects

Diet should be light

The Waking of Insects before and after the weather was significantly warmer, the diet should be rich in winter thick Aroma change dull, eat more fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods, enhance physical fitness, resist the invasion of germs. Greasy food and animal fat foods try to eat less, irritating foods, such as chili, onion garlic, pepper, etc. should also eat less. 

Spring bamboo shoots, celery and other crude fiber vegetables have good effect on gastrointestinal motility, contribute to metabolism, you can eat properly. Others such as leeks, dried shiitake mushrooms, yam, beef, octopus, carp and other foods help yang germinal, but also very suitable. Guilin people like to eat sour bamboo shoots, sour pepper, sour radish and other sour foods will eat less.

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