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How to play the anti-theft role of anti-theft seals

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/13 Pv:

There are generally two seal holes on seals:

1、Its feature lies in line ball framework made of hard metal materials inside of seals.

2、The upper surface of line ball framework parallels with seal holes of seal.

3、There is a line pressing block connected with and pressed inside of line ball framework at the upper side. The wire penetrates holes and formulate start shape with line ball framework.

anti-theft seals

Attentions of anti-theft seals at cabin valve:

1.Check if the drawing is same with cabin piping range;

2.Check the role of sealing valve;

3.Confirm if there is oily water at related piping range;

4.Confirm the planned sealing valve is closed tightly;

5.Stop all oil activities related to oily water.

6.Shipping captain should accompany during whole process and confirm seal position during sealing process.

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