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Application range and parameter of meter seal

Source: Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. Time:2018/03/16 Pv:

一、Application range 

1.External shell of electricity box (including reset position) 

2.Outlet cover of electricity box (terminal panel) 

3.Combined junction box 

4.Electricity box (cabinet) 

5.Charging mutual inductor 

6.Charging voltage mutual inductor disconnector operation handle 

7.Charging mutual inductor hand cracker 

8.Mutual inductor secondary terminal cover 

二、Product parameter 

Sealing shell adopts environmental protection transparent plastic; 

Self-locking plug-in adopts color abs plastic and with stainless steel plate rfid

RFID chip adopts epoxy resin solidification sealing

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+86 139 5343 3908
+86 139 5343 3908
Qingxu Road, Xuyuanzi
Industrial Park, Dezhou 253700, Shandong, China.


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