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  • About the meter seals 12-28-2017

    This meter seal can be used for water, gas and electricity meters. The meter seals' body is in plastic. The closing system is one of the simplest ever produced. Tere are two holes in the seals' head; you only have to insert the wire The meter Se...

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  • Traditional foreign trade -- cross-border electricity supplier 12-27-2017

    Traditional foreign trade costs are relatively high, the sales channels are less, the usual is through overseas companies in the distribution, time, process, etc. are very long, will also use some B2B platforms, but now it is more convenient to use cr...

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  • About the Barcode seal 12-26-2017

    Barcode seal: convenient, fast, large storage information. Barcode seals, like the rest, are also available in containers and logistics. Barcode or barcode is the width of a plurality of black bars and white space, according to certain coding rul...

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  • Classification and application of wire seal 12-25-2017

    Steel wire seal wire is: a wire has 7 shares, each wire has 7 wires, 7x7. Wire seal according to the material is divided into a variety of: 1 aluminum wire seal, of which there is a hexagonal wire seal, the difference is that the lock c...

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  • Merry Christmas! 12-22-2017

    Christmas is a traditional Western festival, just like our Spring Festival. They gather together for dinner on this day, the Christmas tree is also essential for their festival, Christmas candles, cake, singing Christmas songs. Merry Christmas! ...

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  • Winter solstice ---- Chinese solar terms 12-22-2017

    Today is the winter solstice in China. The winter solstice is a traditional festival in China and dumplings are eaten on this day. The winter solstice this day will be colder, but today is still very warm....

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  • Looking forward to Christmas Eve 12-21-2017

    Saturday is the Christmas Eve in the West, we will eat apples, Christmas trees, the West gathered together to eat, put the Christmas tree. Christmas Eve is also Christmas Eve, equivalent to our New Year's Eve. I wish Christmas Eve is a happy, peaceful...

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  • One-time used security seals 12-20-2017

    One-time used security seal, after use can not be used twice. And it also requires special tools to open it, after cutting is no longer in use. Each security seal will have a unique label number, when the seal intact in the container and other goods, ...

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  • Bolt seal classification and how to use 12-19-2017

    Bolt seal is divided into: Lock and lock lever is one, Lock and lock lever are separated, PC shell, anti-rotation Instructions: Bolt seal is the use of pressure button lock, the lock off, with the lock lever to hear a snap buckle sound is sealed ...

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  • Wire seal not only security but also put theft 12-18-2017

    Whether the wire seal or anti-piracy can actually put the robber since it is difficult to open the wire seal once locked. Although it is a one-time lock, but to open it is not easy, as long as the wire into the lock cylinder can not exit to obtain sec...

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  • Ecommerce based on the rapid development of the Internet 12-15-2017

    A lot of businesses are doing entity origin Slowly With the development of the Internet began embarked on the road to electricity providers do electricity supplier industry know that the rapid development of three squirrels, make good use of the Internet ...

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  • From the development of e-commerce to see the take-away industry 12-15-2017

    Say that now is the era of entering an electricity supplier, everyone uses a cell phone, most young people can not seem to live out of the phone, walking on the road, the bus is brushing the phone, and only live in the network, Alipay and WeChat frequ...

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  • The first snow in December 12-14-2017

    In December, Shandong ushered in a wide range of snowfall, of course, Jinan is also a ratio, although the next snow in Jinan is a luxury thing, but in December ushered in the first snow in 2017 years. The days of snow is still very good, not cold and clea...

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  • Business transformation can not be stopped 12-13-2017

    The transformation of enterprises is overwhelming for the present economic development. As we can see from this year's governance and environmental protection issues, most of the enterprises are threatened and suspended for business and now we are beginni...

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  • Make big money depends on the timing 12-12-2017

    It is too easy and difficult for the community to make money now, but it is easy to make big money. In the past eleven eleven, Ma said that people are happy to earn a million or two a month, but it is hard to earn one or two billion a month. Forgiving my ...

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