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  • From the development of e-commerce to see the take-away industry 12-15-2017

    Say that now is the era of entering an electricity supplier, everyone uses a cell phone, most young people can not seem to live out of the phone, walking on the road, the bus is brushing the phone, and only live in the network, Alipay and WeChat frequ...

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  • The first snow in December 12-14-2017

    In December, Shandong ushered in a wide range of snowfall, of course, Jinan is also a ratio, although the next snow in Jinan is a luxury thing, but in December ushered in the first snow in 2017 years. The days of snow is still very good, not cold and clea...

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  • Business transformation can not be stopped 12-13-2017

    The transformation of enterprises is overwhelming for the present economic development. As we can see from this year's governance and environmental protection issues, most of the enterprises are threatened and suspended for business and now we are beginni...

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  • Make big money depends on the timing 12-12-2017

    It is too easy and difficult for the community to make money now, but it is easy to make big money. In the past eleven eleven, Ma said that people are happy to earn a million or two a month, but it is hard to earn one or two billion a month. Forgiving my ...

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  • China Double Twelve Shopping Festival 12-12-2017

    Following the double eleven after a big shopping boom came, the International Shopping Festival has a black Friday. China has double eleven and double twelve, double eleven is a single festival into a nationwide frenzy of shopping festival, December 12 wi...

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  • The "Belt and Road Initiative" will further facilitate the development of foreign trade 12-11-2017

    Proposed by the Belt and Road Initiative to promote the development of countries along the line, in the country and the country's exchanges and cooperation set up a strong beam. The Belt and Road Initiative is aimed at all countries working together to ex...

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  • Household meters 12-11-2017

    Meter is used to measure household electrical energy meter, also known as meter, fire meter, watt-hour meter, kilowatt hour meter, refers to the measurement of electrical quantities of the instrument. Now the meter has appeared smart mete...

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  • Amazon AWS GreenGrass 12-08-2017

    At the just-held 4th World Internet Conference, "World's Leading Internet Technology Outspread," Amazon.com, vice president of public policy at AWS, said: Amazon AWS introduces "AWS Greengrass" capabilities for real-time connectivity and real-time res...

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  • Are you ready for the 5G era? 12-08-2017

    The number of Internet users in the world is constantly increasing. Nowadays it is an information-based society. The explosion of information spreads through the Internet. It is obvious that the speed of network transmission is amazing. At the same ti...

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  • Face brush payments are coming, are you still using cash? 12-08-2017

    As China continues to innovate step by step in its development, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, the development of computer-based mobile terminals has given up the payment of cash. You have to ensure that there are enough money in th...

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  • West into a high-speed rail officially opened operations 12-07-2017

    West into a high-speed rail line officially opened the entire operation, the first trip to the West into a high-speed rail EMU train from the northwest region's largest EMU overhaul base - Xi'an Motor Depot out, witnessed the Shaanxi Hunchun since then in...

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  • "Belt and Road" digital economy 12-07-2017

    On December 3, at the Fourth World Internet Conference, China, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates and other relevant departments jointly launched the "One Belt One Road Initiative for International Digital Economy Co...

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  • China today welcomes the "heavy snowfall" 12-07-2017

    Todae have ushered in the heavy snow in the 24 solar terms, which also means that the weather will get colder. The characteristics of this climate is cold and dry climate, low air humidity, respiratory disease is also prone to the season, when health shou...

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  • easy lock plastic airline padlock seal 12-06-2017

    Plastic Padlock seals have a variety of numerous colors. Often used on utility meters or co-axial cable the Plastic Padlock is U.S. Customs approved. Widely used by the airline industry the padlock offers anti-pilferage diversity. seals are used o...

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  • high security truck seals 12-06-2017

    High Security Seals manufactured by bochuang seal are C-TPAT and ISO 17712:2010 compliant. Our ISO 17712 High Security Seals are C-TPAT compliant and consists of high security bolt and cable seals. These high security seals secure cross border shipments...

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