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  • Today is the Laba Festival. 01-24-2018

    In China, December of the lunar calendar is called the La month, so the date of December 8th is also the Laba Festival. It is a traditional festival of China that is regarded as the preface of the Spring Festival.Today is the Laba Festival. In Ch...

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  • nylon safety seal 01-23-2018

    Plastic Safety seal highly resistant to extreme temperatures, made of nylon, with an acetal locking mechanism. Easy to use with 25 different locking positions. Ideal for the securing of hatches, compartments, bags, safety and medical containers, etc… ...

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  • What’s the bolt container seal 01-22-2018

    The bolt container Seal is designed for fastening shipping containers, box trucks, railway wagons and other large transport containers. The Seal is a high security seal whose bolt and locking chamber are made of plastic-coated steel. When fastene...

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  • January 20th is Great Cold 01-19-2018

    “Minor Cold” is the 23rd solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Big chill is the last solar term in the 24 solar terms throughout the year. Gregorian calendar every January 20 before and afterFor most areas of China, it marks the start ...

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  • Why we have to choose Security seals 01-18-2018

    Security seals are in use in almost every industry where valuables have to be protected against contamination and theft, whether accidental or deliberate. With such high demand comes an ever increasing supply of security seals from all corners of the ...

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  • Flexible High Security Container seal 01-17-2018

    The Flexible High Security Container seal with anti-spin feature. The patented flexible design provides a high degree of flexibility to fit on any container, truck or trailer door hasp. The patented anti-spin feature ensures that the pin with its of ...

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  • High quality bolt seal 01-16-2018

    High Security container seal. Certified with the latest ISO PAS 17712:2013 specifications. The seal is made from high quality steel and ABS with a steel interior locking chamber. high-security seals with C-TPAT compliance and certified to the latest I...

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  • High security wire seal Applications and Instructions 01-15-2018

    High security wire seal made of steel cable in varying diameters, with a metal locking chamber built into an ABS plastic housing. Standard length is 300mm, diameter is 2,5mm. Company name and consecutive numbers are laser engraved. Especially designed...

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  • Bar code security seal 01-12-2018

    Barcoding is available on all plastic security seals, including the Encapsulated T Seal and the Bolt Seal, using either Laser or Thermo Transfer technology to produce high quality and consistent barcodes. A barcode is an optical, machine-readable...

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  • high security bolt seal 01-11-2018

    Economic high security bolt seal in ABS helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Multiple color options & personalization available. 8mm pin size, 72mm length Both parts of the seal are inserted into each other and lock. After locking, the seal...

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  • Barrier seals 01-10-2018

    Barrier Container Seal especially suitable for sealing containers. Due to the ISO 17712: 2013 certification of this container seal (also called Bolt Seal) these can be used for securing and sealing containers worldwide. The certificate of the seal can...

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  • plastic padlock seal 01-09-2018

    plastic padlock seal, which can be supplied as a single seal or in strips of 5 or 10. This seal can be removed by hand without a cutting tool. plastic body and a metal hasp, which is a heavier duty product which requires a cutting tool to remove...

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  • Security seal application 01-08-2018

    High security pull-tight security seal is the optimal solution for sealing bags, boxes and roll cages used in the courier services, cash in Transit and Transport sectors. Unique stainless steel locking mechanism gives a tamper-resistant fit. Tear-off ...

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  • Today is Chinas Lesser Cold 01-05-2018

    Lesser Cold is the twenty-third solar terms in the twenty-four solar term, is the end of the dry calendar month and the beginning of the ugly month, the time is between January 5-7 in the Gregorian calendar, the sun is located at 285 °. For China, Osa...

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  • padlock seals 01-04-2018

    Description: - One piece padlock seal - Carbon steel / Galvanized hasp - PP plastic cover on body lock - Any color is available on request - Removed by bolt cutter - Sequential numbering up to 7 digits These tamper...

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