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  • How to choose cargo seal 02-09-2018

    cargo seal are designed and produced in accordance with valid international standards and aimed to be used for different kinds of load carriers like trucks, ISO containers, railway wagons, flat racks and ships. To prevent cargo damages and to ensure t...

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  • About Chinas a lunar year 02-08-2018

    The origins of the small year come from a folk tale, legendary stove king was originally a civilian Zhangsheng, married a day after all day spent to defeat the family business reduced to begging on the streets. One day, he begged his ex-wife Guo clove...

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  • ISO 17712 container seals 02-07-2018

    ISO/PAS 17712:2003's narrow scope reflected the time-urgency of industry stakeholders. It was clear that the seal suppliers' security-related business practises were at least as important as the physical strength of a seal. Seal manufacturers and di...

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  • Plastic trucks seals and Features 02-06-2018

    Plastic trucks seals are widely used within the transportation industry. These particular seals make tamper detection easily. Smooth edges and breakable by hand make the Plastic Truck seal perfect for applications where increased handling is required....

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  • what can meter seal do for you 02-05-2018

    Security seals are not designed to resolve all security problems: The effectiveness of seals is strongly dependent on the proper protocols for using them. These protocols are the official and unofficial procedures used for seal procurement, storage, r...

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  • The Beginning Of Spring In China 02-02-2018

    February 4 is the "beginning of spring," as the first solar term of the year, it opened the prelude to the spring. After the "beginning of spring", the daytime is getting longer and the temperature gets warmer. Many students believe that the Spring Fe...

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  • What’s the RFID cable seal 02-01-2018

    RFID cable seal tag is a kind of special anti-counterfeiting RFID tag of self-locking structure, which is specially designed for various kinds of anti-counterfeiting applications. This kind of rfid seal tag is disposable, can be self-locked, with tamp...

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  • Security seals 01-31-2018

    Sealing with sealing pliers and sealing press is only one way to secure your products. Beside this classical method, we offer also a large range of special security seals for various purposes. This range includes various innovative sealing products es...

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  • Common sense about the of plastic seals 01-30-2018

    Plastic security seal keeps contents in transit bags intact and confidential. Seal loops through grommet and zipper pull. Tampering is evident if seal is broken upon arrival. plastic seal is a synthetic resin injection molding, the seal with a fe...

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  • Why you choose plastic luggage seal 01-29-2018

    All luggage is vulnerable to tampering. There are special luggage locks that are used when you take your luggage on long trips. Your bag likely features zips or locks. Zips with moving zip sliders can be easily breached and resealed with somethin...

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  • How Bolt Seals Works 01-26-2018

    High security bolt seals are simple to use, and an effective theft and tampering deterrent. To use, simply slide the pin, or bolt, through the latch hole and into the locking cylinder, and push until the locking mechanism snaps. Be sure to pull on the...

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  • About the Plastic Security Seal 01-25-2018

    Plastic seals are the most commonly used tamper-evident devices across a broad spectrum of markets and applications, including such everyday uses as securing truck trailers, tankers, containers, totes, cash & jewelry bags, utility meters, and fire ext...

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  • Today is the Laba Festival. 01-24-2018

    In China, December of the lunar calendar is called the La month, so the date of December 8th is also the Laba Festival. It is a traditional festival of China that is regarded as the preface of the Spring Festival.Today is the Laba Festival. In Ch...

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  • nylon safety seal 01-23-2018

    Plastic Safety seal highly resistant to extreme temperatures, made of nylon, with an acetal locking mechanism. Easy to use with 25 different locking positions. Ideal for the securing of hatches, compartments, bags, safety and medical containers, etc… ...

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  • What’s the bolt container seal 01-22-2018

    The bolt container Seal is designed for fastening shipping containers, box trucks, railway wagons and other large transport containers. The Seal is a high security seal whose bolt and locking chamber are made of plastic-coated steel. When fastene...

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