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  • Tamper-proofing label 03-16-2018

    what is tamper-proofing label It is applied to sites with sensitive safety. When trying to remove label, label will self-destruct, which is a safe way. Label with safety crack can prevent easy removal of label. Tamper-proofing label produced...

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  • Application range and parameter of meter seal 03-16-2018

    一、Application range 1.External shell of electricity box (including reset position) 2.Outlet cover of electricity box (terminal panel) 3.Combined junction box 4.Electricity box (cabinet) 5.Charging mutual inductor 6.Chargi...

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  • How to play the anti-theft role of anti-theft seals 03-13-2018

    There are generally two seal holes on seals: 1、Its feature lies in line ball framework made of hard metal materials inside of seals. 2、The upper surface of line ball framework parallels with seal holes of seal. 3、There is a line pressin...

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  • Sealing number of container 03-12-2018

    Under what situation, one container has different sealing numbers. 1、There is error when capturing list due to similar seal number modes mixed. Such as number XYZ 123456 is different from 123456. 2、Seals are broken due to theft and there are...

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  • Arbor Day is a festival for the people of the world 03-09-2018

    March 12 is the annual Arbor Day. It is a festival for the people of the world. On this day, everyone can participate in tree planting. Whether the tree is transplanted or planted, whether it is planted or planted, it always represents our recognition...

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  • Using method of cable seal 03-08-2018

    1Choose appropriate site, check if the lock hole of cable seal has blocking and if lock chip has rust or not, check if plastic head has serious deformation. If there is, it can not be used. 2.Start to penetrate cable seal after finishing check. W...

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  • The influence of international Womens day 03-07-2018

    Culture:The first generation of Western feminism: Western feminism originated in France after the bourgeois revolution and the Enlightenment. The first generation appeared in the second half of the 19th century, synchronizing with the industrial revol...

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  • Application of seals at water and electricity supply companies 03-06-2018

    Seals currently are also widely used at water and electricity meters. And normally divided by common seals and intelligent seals. Electricity department also needs to take corresponding measures to increase impact strength if aiming to prevent electri...

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  • What is the reason for using ABS for cable seals? 03-05-2018

    There are many types of cable seals, generally can be divided to two types, one is with ABS wrapped, and the other is aluminum cable seal. Different types of materials of cable seal are targeting at different requirements of different industries...

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  • Keep healthy in the Waking of Insects 03-02-2018

    Liver protection virus The Waking of Insects, the maintenance of liver is very important. Chinese medicine believes that the spring is a liver, liver and vegetation similar to the vegetation in the spring germination, growth, liver and gallbladde...

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  • Lantern Festivals cultural value 03-01-2018

    Chinese traditional festivals have adapted the general needs of the masses in Chinese society in material, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic aspects. At the material life level, China's traditional festivals have many unique food items of different fes...

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  • Function of stainless steel seal wire 02-28-2018

    Speaking of security seal, seal wire is necessary to mention. It is thin and long with tenacity, which is used to penetrate holes of many equipment and form a closed loop with lock. And it can be made of many different kinds of materials, commonly ste...

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  • Five different points of anti-theft seals 02-27-2018

    1.Dividing by different implementing persons, security seals can be divided to customs security seal, commercial inspection security seal, and commercial security seal. Once correctly locked, it can not open unless by cutting in violence. And the brok...

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  • What is the role of electronic seals 02-26-2018

    What is the role of electronic seals? 1. The guardian angel and safety lock of measuring instrument: prevent false making of seal, forbid the occurrence of water, electricity and gas stolen. Common seals depend on the clamp mark to judge the fals...

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  • Factors influencing the price of security seals 02-23-2018

    1.Materials quality. Many different types of security seals have been made along with the variety of using environment. But almost every security seal will use wire and ABS. And the prices of these two kinds of materials vary much in market, which dir...

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