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  • Wire Seal Can Become The Mainstream Of Logistics Market 12-04-2017

    For the development of the steel wire seal, a lot of people think this wire seal can become the mainstream of modern lock, and a lot of people said this was the most how the wire sealing effect, but now there are a lot of people more attention to the wire...

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  • Container seals for trucks and trailers used 12-04-2017

    Ground operation logistic vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, should be sealed with indicative plastic seals to prevent intrusion once within airport boundaries. shandong bochuang seal recommends the use of pull-through seals with metal and acetal ins...

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  • Security Seals for Cargo 12-01-2017

    Security Seals for Cargo Security seals are an important part of this process, both for the shipper who processes and packs goods for cargo movements, and for logistic operators who handle consignments between locations. Indicative seals, such as cable se...

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  • Event Security with Tamper-proof Tags 12-01-2017

    Event Security with Tamper-proof Tags The security and safeguarding of large-scale events, such as sports stadiums and music venues, has never been more important, and those overseeing security procedures must continually review appropriate prevention and...

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  • what is metal seals ? 11-30-2017

    what is metal seals ? An ISO17712 compliant bolt security seal on a shipping container High security bolt seal attached to a shipping container. There are several basic designs of the metal seals; bolt seals, ball seals and cable seals. Bolt seals are u...

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  • fixed-length seal from bochuangseals 11-29-2017

    Pull-through seals are often incorrectly used on moving vehicles such as trailers, trucks or railway wagons, and drawn too tight. The security seal strip is therefore under constant tension and can easily break as a result of the shaking which occurs in t...

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  • How to use bout the lead seal 11-28-2017

    The product range of use: aviation, freight transport, water meters, metering boxes, containers, food processing, chemicals, warehouses, etc. Product Printing: laser printing company logo serial number and playing bar code one-dimensional code two-dimensi...

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  • What is the high security seal and how to use 11-27-2017

    What is the high security seal and how to use High security seal by the ps transparent plastic as the shell seal, the internal structure of the lock with a folder, ABS injection ABS, the lock body surface can be customized laser typing, marking, coding,...

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  • Bochuang seal stock a large range of High Security Bolt Seals 11-24-2017

    Bochuang seal stock a large range of High Security Bolt Seals. Bolt Seals are commonly used to secure container and vehicle doors in order to protect high value cargo. Contact Bochuang seal now for the best advice on how to securely seal your truck and tr...

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  • How a security seal control program protects your hazardous materials 11-24-2017

    How a security seal control program protects your hazardous materials Seals are a great, underappreciated hazmat security tool. we’ve know situations where seals are essential in Dangerous Goods security, and where seals are a better choice than locks. B...

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  • One tool often used in supply chain security programs is security seals. 11-23-2017

    One tool often used in supply chain security programs is security seals. There are two primary types of shipping container seals indicative and barrier. Indicative seals demonstrate if the item being sealed has been tampered with. They can easily be b...

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  • Thanksgiving Day 11-23-2017

    Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Similarly named festival holidays o...

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  • Today is the snow season in China 11-22-2017

    Light snow stage than the winter stage temperature is low. To the snow solar terms, means that there will be snowfall in northern China. Cold air temperature in most parts of northern China gradually reached below 0 ℃. The middle and lower reaches of the ...

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  • Container seals is a good companion to rail transport 11-22-2017

    As we all know, rail transport is a common and effective means of transport on the road. If properly configured, rail transport can save between 50% and 70% of the weight of passengers and goods carried on the road. Not only that, rail transport capacity,...

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  • Bolt seals are high-strength security seals 11-21-2017

    Bolt seals are high-strength security seals used on shipping containers, railroad and air freight containers. The solid metal core head and a locking cylinder that is encased in shock proof plastic makes for a high level security seal and an efficient tam...

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